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Our Policies

Patient Collections Policy

Why do we require a method of automatic payment on file?

You have received very expensive medical equipment – depending on the machine / supplies the retail value can be hundreds or thousands of dollars. For major equipment, most insurance plans pay in monthly payments, and many also require that the patient pay for a portion of the expense.  Having a method of automatic payment on file helps us streamline the process for everyone.

What if my insurance coverage covers 100% of the cost of the equipment?

There are three reasons we’re still asking you to provide an automatic form of payment:

  1. Even if an insurance covers 100% of the cost of the equipment most of the time, there are times when they would ask us to collect directly from the patient.  For instance, if a patient got more supplies than were allowed, the insurance would ask the provider to bill the patient. Or, if the patient has a deductible that hasn't been met they may be responsible for a portion of the bill.

  2. Patients often change or discontinue their insurance – when this happens we need a method of payment on file to cover the costs.  Insurances do not tell us when this happens, so it is the patient’s responsibility to notify us of any insurance changes.

  3. For sleep therapy equipment in particular, insurance companies will only pay if the patient uses the device consistently.  If the patient utilization isn’t high enough the insurance will not continue to pay, and we need a method of payment on file to cover the cost of the equipment until it is returned.  Patients are notified if their requirements are not being met.

Will I be able to see charges before they are applied to my account?

Absolutely. You will be notified via regular mail or email (your choice) 10‐20 days before any payment is charged to your account. If you have any questions on your pending charge, you can call us to confirm the details.

What forms of payment qualify?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card or we can debit your checking account directly.

How can I check my account activity?

You can check your account activity online by clicking Pay Your Bill, or over the phone by calling our billing departments.

If the amount of the payment is too much, will you work with me?

Definitely.  We don’t want our patients to lose out on therapy because they can’t afford big one-time payments.  We offer interest-free payment plans to help spread the cost over multiple months – please ask our representatives for more details.